We are thrilled to have Cami back on the podcast along with her mom, Lisa. Cami is in her final year as a CS major at Virginia Tech. Lisa is an epidemiologist looking to transition into data science. Along the way, she’s become a COVID-19 epidemiologist. Learn how this dynamic mother/daughter duo inspire each other and we’re sure they will inspire you too! Find resources here.

We speak with Jack Dozier, founder of Books for VA, about his dedication to service and bettering his community, and how his passion for literacy and computer science are helping him to make a difference. As usual, this young person will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful about the future - don’t miss this episode! Find resources here.

From English major to Executive Director at Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE), Karen shares her EdTech journey and her love of making! Learn about how you can and why you should get involved with VSTE. Find resources here.

Thank you dear listeners for helping us through an unpredictable, unprecedented and most challenging year. In this episode, we share reflections from 2020 as well as some of our hopes and dreams for the new year. We look forward to hearing from you in 2021! Find resources here.

Have you ever seen a need in your community and wished you could do something to make a difference? Merci Best did - so she took her impressive scientific background, her amazing creativity, and her family of brilliant partners and brought that dream to life. This week, we’re hearing from Ms. Best about STEAMKITX - the company she founded to provide creative, engaging, hands-on and personally designed STEAM activities to the kids that need them most. Not impressive enough? She’s building STEAMKITX while earning a graduate degree and studying Alzheimer’s disease - so these STEAM activities are coming from a cutting edge scientist! Learn all about STEAMKITX (and how you can get some of these activities to your learner just in time for the winter holidays) on this week’s episode. Find resources here.

Techno girl, TedEd innovator, VSTE keynote speaker, Lego Master Educator, nonprofit board member… whatever you want to call her, Kimberly Lane Clark is awesome. From e-sports to Hour of Code and everything in between, Kim shares all about her amazing range of projects, advocacy, and what drives her in her many roles day to day. You won’t want to miss this episode! Find resources here.

Misinformation, disinformation, fake news - whatever you call it, it’s wreaking havoc on our country right now. Sarah and Kim join forces with Seli from FTP to share our best tips for spotting fake and biased news. Find resources here.

How are teachers learning and growing while pandemic teaching? This week, we spoke with Shannon Montague, Director of Professional Development at the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. Shannon is the master of tech tools and PD, she shared her favorite resources and best advice for becoming a better educator no matter the circumstances. Plus, a bonus question - What do you think the “new normal” for education will look like on the other side of the pandemic? We’d love to hear from you. Find resources here.

With a one of a kind election happening this week, we were excited to talk with Merry and Seli, founders of FTP (F*ck the Press) blog and podcast. Just 19 years old, they have a passion for politics and for breaking down the news to help young people navigate our current political and media systems. In this episode, they offer master class level advice for dealing with misinformation and news fatigue. So, if you need a break from the news or ideas for how to deal with information overload, don't miss this episode! Find resources here.

Kim is getting into a groove as an EdD student at the School of Education at UVA. She is working on some next steps with Tech-Girls and caught up with some inspiring women in tech (and hopefully future guests). Sarah is making friends at her new school. She also reflects on banned books weeks - why it exists, what it means and why we should all care about it. Be sure to check out all the resources here.

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